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      Formed in early 2014, Wonderkids is an online educational institution with ambition of changing our young pupils’ lives and providing our teachers with rewarding and meaningful teaching experiences.


      We’re a small school. We have a faculty of under forty instructors and a student body of under four hundred, allowing us to maintain a personal connection with our staff and students and provide the support they need. Unlike some larger online schools, our main goal is not to acquire as much money as possible, rather to provide the best education we possibly can for our young students. As corny and cliché as it sounds, they truly are the future.


    We care about our teachers’ satisfaction as well as our students’ education, and as so strive to employ the most proficient, responsible, and passionate instructors we can find. We are dedicated to offering our teachers all the support they may need to be able to conduct lessons as effectively as possible.


       Our students? They’re bright, highly motivated, and an absolute pleasure to teach!





Our approach to language learning is to create an environment that facilitates supervised exploration of the language.

It’s clear that the most substantial learning occurs in conditions that are both meaningful and practical.

Students must learn in a way that they find value in and wouldn’t hesitate to transplant into real, everyday situations.

There’s a clear distinction when you speak to a student who has learned language from a book, and one who has learned to play and be creative with the language.

It’s a responsible teacher’s duty to identify the characteristics and needs of the student in order to develop and introduce the most effective materials, coursework and activities.

Effectiveness as a teacher comes from learning various methodologies and implementing them.

One then observes and tweaks the methods according to the individual student. Ultimately, both the teacher and the student must look forward to coming to class and learning the language.

There must be trust and enjoyment on both sides.

One must understand what the ideal learning environment is and know how to create it. We create that environment..





We currently provide 6 types of lessons: General English, Writing, Reading, Phonics, Science, and Social Studies.


The majority of our lessons are one on one and either 45 or 60 minutes in length.


Excellent resources are provided to lesson plan from for our General English, Writing and Social Studies classes, while Reading, Phonics, and Science classes have complete lesson plans to accompany our materials.